The App for you carefree e-mobility solutions.

With the D-Mobility App you can find the nearest charging station, activate a charging session, choose the payment method, and monitor your consumption.

1: Find and select the charging point


Find the closest available charging point and book it. Drive to your chosen charging point. Connect your e-vehicle and start charging directly from your smartphone. If the selected point is in use, the Recall service will notify you when it becomes available again.

2: Choose the most suitable charging solution


Select the offer that best suits you: pay per use, credit card or Paypal, top-up card, or a flat monthly plan.

3: Monitor your charging session


Monitor and receive real-time notifications on your EV charging progress.

4: Manage your profile


Access the App with your Duferco account or a social media account. Manage your profile and view your charging history. Via the App, you can top up your credit, request the activation of dedicated offers and services, and purchase your E-Mobility Card and associate it with your account.

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