About us


Duferco Energia was founded in 2010 in Genoa to manage the Duferco Group’s photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants and then expanded its focus, specializing also in electricity and gas sales for all market segments. Today, our company is a key player in the entire energy chain: All the way from renewable power generation to energy supply to end users, from physical trading to financial trading.
About us


Founded in 2010 in Genoa to manage manage the Duferco Group’s photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants and then expanded its focus, specializing also in electricity and gas sales for all market segments.


90 GWH produced yearly


+400 employees in Italy


+350.000 supply points

Our values

Sustainability, Dynamism and Innovation

Duferco Energia is leading the energy transition within the Group and helps its customers to always be one step ahead while dealing with such important changes.

For more than 10 years, we have been supplying energy to households, businesses, and building, focusing on energy efficiency and retrofitting services and infrastructure development for a sustainable and shared mobility.

Our values


Our operations are deeply connected to and dependent on the local communities in which we operate. Respect, communication, and engagement are key elements that have enabled the company to work while generating shared value.

Our values


The diverse markets in which we operate are characterized by increasing competition and continuous technological progression. The ability to establish strong partnerships along the value chain with partners who share our values is a key factor for success.

Our values


We are a young company in terms of foundation, people, and approach to innovation: We search for unprecedented solutions and forward-thinking new products. For us, there is no process that cannot be changed, but we are constantly investing in new developments.


energy trading - Duferco Energia

We have gained a strong energy trading expertise in major European markets, grasped all the opportunities, and managed the high-volatility risks typical of these markets.


Produzione solare - Duferco Energia

Respect for the environment and renewable energy generation projects have always been an integral part of the development policy of the entire Duferco Group.


Sostenibilità - Chi Siamo - Duferco Energia

We develop our business in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. We promote the well-being of our employees and the sustainable growth of the areas and communities in which we operate.


In 2021 we took over the Car Sharing service in Genoa and replaced all the cars with 100% electric vehicles: Volkswagen E-Up, iD.3 and iD.4. The Elettra formula is innovative because the cars can be booked using the classic station-based rental formula or with the free floating method.


We launched the Duferco People project: A way to give a face and a voice to the people who are part of our company. A look inside our offices, to share with you the human value of the people who work at Duferco Energia.


We only establish partnerships with the aim of enhancing the planet and improving the lives our people within the Group. Today we have active partnerships with Ogyre, an Italian start-up specializing in marine waste collection, and Buddyfit, one of the most popular Apps for physical and mental wellness.