In this section, you will find general information about our services

What is Duferco Mobility?

Duferco Mobility is the company 100% controlled by Duferco Energia dedicated to electric mobility. By choosing one of the Duferco Mobility products, you can charge your EVs at all Duferco Mobility's charging stations. Moreover, you will also be able to charge them at the charging points owned by other providers with which we signed interoperability agreements, both in Italy and in Europe.

How can I join the service?

You can join the service by sign up to the D-Mobility App or at mobility.dufercoenergia.com and activating a Pay-per-use, Top-up or Flat offer.

How do I sign up for and access the Duferco Energia's D-Mobility App?
  • Download the D-Mobility app from App store for iOS and Play store for Android;
  • In the Profile section, click on Sign In/Login.
  • Follow the instructions which appear once you click on ‘Are you a new user? Sign up’ or using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.
    If you sign up for Duferco Mobility’s services, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to log into the App with the Username and Password set during registration.
  • Fill in your information to join an offer and start a charging session.
What Duferco Mobility’s solutions are available?
Duferco Mobility offers its users several solutions, to charge EVs at the over 35,000 public charging points active in Italy, and at the over 175,000 in Europe.

  • Pay per use: You can find all the updated Pay per Use prices in the App on the info window of each charging infrastructure. The rate may vary depending on the type of connector (Quick, Fast, Ultra Fast), the provider and the time (with the new Duferco Mobility hourly rates you can save by charging at specific times indicated on the charging station). In infrastructures with prices based on time slots, if you start charging in one slot and finish in another, the price of the entire top-up will be calculated based on the slot with the highest price. Discover the tariffs dedicated to Duferco Mobility infrastructures on the page: Charging Services
  • Top-up: The prepaid offer to have 100, 150, or 400 kWh ready to use at all times. You can activate an annual contract via the D-Mobility App or at mobility.dufercoenergia.com. For the duration of the contract, which is automatically renewable, you can purchase the different kWh packages valid for 3 months after purchase. When you are almost running out, you can purchase additional kWh. For Ultra Fast charging points, an additional fee (shown in the App) will be applied.
  • Flat monthly plan: Your monthly subscription offer with 200 kWh available each month. You can activate this option via the D-Mobility App and at mobility.dufercoenergia.com. The contract is valid or a 1 month period and is tacitly renewed unless canceled at least 10 days before the expiration date. If the 200 kWh threshold is exceeded, Duferco Mobility reserves the right to charge the Customer an additional fee of € 65 including VAT for every additional 100 kWh slot made available and to be used within the reference month. For Ultra Fast charging points, an additional fee (shown in the App) will be applied.
  • In addition, only at Duferco Mobility's charging stations, there is the possibility to activate a charging session via SMS for TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE mobile operators. The costs of each session are: €6/hour + an operator service charge of €0.29 VAT included (TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE) and €6/10min for charging sessions + an operator service fee of €0.29 VAT included (TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE) at Fast and Ultra Fast stations. Terms and Conditions available here.

Remember that at some Duferco Mobility stations you may also be charged an additional fee for ‘occupancy’ in case you leave your vehicle there longer than the time needed to charge it. You will find the fee information directly in the App.

Where can I charge my vehicle?

All the charging stations you can use with Duferco Mobility services are displayed on the Map in the D-Mobility App and at mobility.dufercoenergia.com.

Can I charge my vehicle at other operators' stations as well?

Yes, thanks to interoperability agreements with other Italian providers such as, for example, Enel X, Be Charge, and Neogy, and European providers such as Ionity. That is about 35,000 charging points in Italy and about 175,000 in Europe.

How long does it take to charge a vehicle?

Charging time depends on the station charging power and on your vehicle capacity. At 22 kW, a 20 kWh battery charges to 80% in about 1 hour. At 3 kW, it takes 6 to 8 hours to get the same result. With direct current (DC), you get a 80% battery charge in less than 30 minutes. For battery capacity and charging times specifically for your vehicle, we suggest you refer to the Manufacturer's information.

What kind of vehicles can I charge at public charging stations?

At the Duferco Mobility network, you can charge cars and motorcycles. Quadricycles with 3A plugs can be charged at stations with at least one 3A connector.

Information about the connectors can be found on the D-Mobility App, in the info-windows of each station.

In some special cases, such as for the Elviten project in Genoa, Duferco Mobility has also installed dedicated Bike-boxes for parking and charging E-bikes.

Can I also charge at Ultra Fast stations (over 50 kW)? Would a different fee apply?

Sure! Duferco Mobility also allows charging at Ultra Fast stations with ‘Pay per use’ pricing. Check the price on the Charging Services page or in our App on the info-window dedicated to each charging station.

If you have a Flat monthly plan or a prepaid Top-up card, an extra fee, visible in the info-window of each Ultra Fast station, would apply.

In this section you will find information on how to recharge with the E-Mobility Card

How can I get an E-Mobility Card?

Sign up for Duferco Mobility services in the D-Mobility App or at mobility.dufercoenergia.com and activate one of our offers. You can purchase your Card in the Profile section of the App or on our website.

You will receive it within a few days from your purchase and you can associate it with your profile in the App by clicking on ‘Associate E-Mobility Card’, by leaning it against the back of your smartphone with an NFC scan, or by typing in the alphanumeric code found on your Card.

How do I charge my vehicle?

To properly charge your vehicle, via Card, at Quick Charge stations (AC up to 22 kW), follow the steps described below:

  1. Swipe the Duferco Mobility Card over the station reader
  2. Once you get the authorization to unlock the socket, insert the plug into the station connector
  3. Within 60 seconds* after authorization, plug it into the connector of your vehicle
  4. Charging begins
  5. To end the charging session, swipe the Card over the station reader, wait for the signal from the station, disconnect the cable. You can terminate the charging session by first disconnecting the vehicle-side cable.

On Fast and Ultra Fast Charge (DC) stations, follow the instructions displayed on the display.

Via the D-Mobility App, the steps are the same and even simpler: You can choose the charging station from the map in the App, from the ‘Favorites’ section or by framing the socket QR Code (only on Duferco Mobility’s stations). To stop charging, you will just have to press ‘End’ in the ‘Charging’ screen or disconnect the cable from the vehicle.

For charging stations with different start/stop modes, dedicated charging instructions will be available on the station itself.

*time available to plug the connector into the vehicle may vary from station to station

Can I charge my vehicle abroad?

Yes. To charge your vehicle at our European partners’ stations, if you have an active product (Flat or Top-up), after purchasing the ‘International Roaming’ option at a cost of only €5 including VAT for 30 days (at the end of 30 days the service is automatically deactivated), you can use the E-Mobility Card or the D-Mobility App without any additional costs over and above those of your product.

I have started the session but the charging point is not working. What can I do?

The availability of each charging point can be viewed on the D-Mobility App Map. We recommend that you check the availability of each point before you go there. The information you see is in real time and is provided by the charging point operator (CPO). However, temporary communication issues that prevent checking the status of the stations or activating a charging session may occur. In case of failure to start the session, even via Card, check in the App your balance and payment method. If the socket does not open or does not release the cable at the end of the session, you can contact Duferco Mobility's customer care support at 800 92 22 00.

The charging station works and the socket I want to use is free but I cannot start charging. What can I do?

We advise you to check the following:

  • The charging station is up and running on the map
  • The socket you selected is free and compatible with your vehicle's connector
  • The D-Mobility App shows that the station can be activated via the method you have chosen
  • Your account is active and the payment method valid
  • You have installed the latest version of the D-Mobility App. If you are still unable to start the charging session, call Duferco Mobility customer support at 800 92 22 00.
I have started charging, but I cannot stop it. What can I do?

We recommend you follow the steps set out below:

Disconnect the connector from the vehicle, the station should recognize that the cable is no longer connected and release the socket.
Try swiping the card over the station several times, or stop charging directly from the App by clicking on the button to stop charging.
If you are still unable to stop the charging session, call Duferco Mobility customer support at the toll-free 800 92 22 00. At other operators’ stations, you may need to contact the operator’s customer support.

What happens if I leave the vehicle connected to the station after the charging session is completed?

Once you have charged your vehicle, you will have to vacate the stall in order not to receive an administrative fine for parking in spaces reserved for EV charging.

At Duferco Mobility’s stations and some stations of partner operators you may also be charged an additional fee for ‘occupancy’ in case you leave your vehicle there longer than the time needed to charge it. You will find the fee information directly in the App.

Who can I contact in case of an illegally occupied stall?

Parking is regulated by the relevant municipal authorities, in the case of an illegally occupied stall you will have to contact the local police.

In this section you will find information on how to recharge with the D-Mobility App

I have already requested a contract, can I charge at the D-Mobility App even without an E-Mobility Card?

Yes, once profile activation is finalized, you can charge your vehicle via the D-Mobility App.

How can I start charging from the D-Mobility App?

To initiate a charge, you must select the charging station on the Map and choose the desired connector. Then, click on the start charging button, and wait for the connector to unlock.

Can I use the service without signing up?

To be able to use Duferco Mobility’s services, you must sign up via the D-Mobility App or at mobility.dufercoenergia.com.

Charging stations directly managed by Duferco Mobility can also be activated via SMS with payment by phone credit (TIM, Vodafone, and WINDTRE are the enabled operators).

What happens when I activate a pay-as-you-go charge via the D-Mobility App?

In some cases, PayPal or banking services may send an authorization alert. This is actually a simple pre-authorization. No amount is charged until the EV charge is completed.

Once you completed your charging session, the cost charged will correspond to the actual kWh consumption, plus any additional socket occupancy fee if you stayed at the stall longer than the time required to complete the EV charge.

Why does the App display stations of different colors?

Green = Available stations. Orange = Partially occupied stations. Red = Temporarily unavailable stations. Grey = Stations under maintenance. Light Blue = Strutture Amiche (Friendly Facilities, partner operators’ stations). For other types of station, refer to the legend in the App map.

Each station pin has one or more stars to indicate charging power.

How can I locate and reach a charging station?

You have to select the station you want on the map, also with the possibility to use the different filters present for the search. Once the screen relating to the station opens, click on the ‘go’ button.

How can I book a charging session?

You can book a session by clicking on the ‘clock’ symbol located to the right of each connector activation button. Once you did it, you will receive a notification saying that charging point has been booked and is valid for 15 minutes. The booking option is currently free of charge as a promotion.

In this section you will find information on offers

If I do not use the credit I have on my E-Mobility Card (Flat), will the unused credit be transferred to the following month?

No, if you do not use all 200 kWh available with your monthly plan, the remaining kWh will not be transferred to the following month and the counter will reset to zero at the end of the month.

How often are the 200 kWh of the monthly Flat plan credited back?

The 200 kWh of the monthly Flat plan are credited back at midnight, on the 1st day of the following month.

What happens if the monthly kWh threshold is exceeded?

If the threshold of 200 kWh per month is exceeded, a 100 kWh and €65 (VAT included) package will be added, which will have the same expiration as the 200 kWh subscription. Even for these additional kWh, if you do not fully use them, the counter resets to zero at the end of the same month.

How long does the Flat plan last?

The Flat plan is valid for the current month and automatically renews unless canceled by e-mail to clienti@d-mobility.it at least 10 days before expiration.

Can I switch from a Top-up to a Flat offer (or vice versa)?

Duferco Mobility's contract for electric mobility stipulates that you can switch from a current Top-up offer to a Flat offer by only losing any remaining kWh. Otherwise, you can use all your Top-up credit and notify clienti@d-mobility.it by e-mail to terminate the contract you signed. Similarly, at the end of the month of validity and notifying the termination, you can terminate the Flat contract and you are free to sign another offer.

In case I lose my E-Mobility Card, how can I get another one?

In case of loss, theft, or deterioration of your Duferco Mobility Card, do not hesitate to write to clienti@d-mobility.it or call the toll-free number 800.92.22.00 to deactivate the Card. You will be able to obtain a duplicate at a cost of €14.90, which will be delivered free of charge to the reported address.

Can I use my Duferco E-Mobility card to charge multiple vehicles?

No, the card is associated only with the vehicle indicated on the contract. Any non-compliant behavior may be sanctioned, as outlined in the contractual clauses.

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